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September 21,2016: Team Sweden Forward Gabriel Landeskog (92) and Team North America Defenceman Jacob Trouba (8) look on as Team North America Goalie John Gibson (36) makes a save during the game between Team Sweden and Team North America at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, ON. (Photo by Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire)
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Dreger: ‘Cheveldayoff will not be in any rush’ to trade Trouba

(Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire)

It may be difficult for any hockey story to gain traction in the midst of Canada and Russia squaring off Saturday evening at the World Cup of Hockey with a berth in the final series up for grabs, but Jacob Trouba’s trade request from the Winnipeg Jets certainly managed to break through.

How surprising was this news though?

“It is surprising to a degree, but it’s far from shocking given the fact there has been an ongoing negotiation,” noted Dreger during a TSN TV hit that night. “At times talks would proceed, then they would break off. There was never a sense, certainly coming out of Winnipeg or the player’s camp, they were getting close to a contract extension for Jacob Trouba.

“I too spoke with Trouba. It seems like he made his media rounds to get the message out. For him, it’s about opportunity and career advancement. He believes that he’s at his best when he’s playing the right side. When he looks at the Winnipeg Jets’ depth chart he sees Byfuglien and he sees Myers ahead of him, and he doesn’t like the fit long term, based on that.

“So this is about him trying to exercise whatever pressure, whatever leverage he has to find a better fit.”

Does Dreger see a quick resolution, or might this be a drawn-out process?

“The only way it’s quick is if there’s an NHL general manager out there who’s willing to pay a premium price to acquire Jacob Trouba. Kevin Cheveldayoff and the Winnipeg Jets know that they’ve got a valued asset in Trouba; but he’s important to the Winnipeg Jets both as a player, and now as trade bait.

“It’s likely they’re going to want a like player in return, so a good, young defenseman – a defenseman who’s under contract – as part of the package. Cheveldayoff will not be in any rush.

“There might be some who believe that Jacob Trouba has some leverage because he’s withholding his service. I don’t believe that’s the way the Winnipeg Jets look at this. They’ll be incredibly patient.”

Source: TSN/ Transcript: Nichols

Dreger: ‘Cheveldayoff will not be in any rush’ to trade Trouba

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