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David Perron reportedly turned down low offer from Montreal


This summer, the St. Louis Blues managed to recoup an old asset in free agency, re-signing former first round pick David Perron on a two year deal worth $7.5 million in total.

For a player who put up a combined 12 goals and 36 points in 71 games last season, that’s about par for course. It’s possible that will look like a steal if Perron is able to produce at the pace he did with the Anaheim Ducks last spring, putting up eight of his 12 goals and 20 of his 36 points in just 28 regular season games – but if he remains a 15-ish goal, 40-ish point scorer, he’ll be worth the money.

As the summer continues on, though, the winger has admitted that this wasn’t the only deal he considered taking – but the other serious offer he contemplated would have left ‘too much money’ on the table.

That offer, per Perron, came from the Montreal Canadiens.

An interview published by French Canadian site RDS this week saw Perron admit that when the Anaheim Ducks didn’t seem interested in retaining him this summer, he came down to two free agent offers that he seriously considered. One, he claims, was from the Montreal Canadiens – which would be the Sherbrooke, Quebec native’s hometown team.

The other, though, was from the Blues – and seemingly offered enough of a financial upgrade over Montreal’s offer to win out in the end.

Perron has hit at least 20 goals in three separate NHL seasons between the Blues and the Edmonton Oilers, although he fell short of that mark while with Pittsburgh and Anaheim in the last two years. If Montreal was pushing for a cheap deal, it’s not altogether unexpected; combined with concussion issues in the past, Perron is a bit of a risk to pay out high money to, and Montreal seemed intent on paying out money elsewhere in the first place.

For a 28-year-old forward with those aforementioned concussion issues, though, taking the bigger dollar contract is hard to condemn – even if it did mean walking away from his hometown team in the process.

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