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Dallas Stars confirm four prospects re-entering draft

Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars made a whopping nine selections at the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, taking a player in every round with an extra pick in both the fourth and sixth rounds.

Now, though, four of those nine prospects will re-enter the upcoming draft in Buffalo this summer.

The Stars have confirmed that Patrick Sanvido, Alex Peters, Aaron Haydon and Brent Moran – taken in the seventh, third, fourth, and sixth rounds, respectively – will all go past the June 1st deadline without being signed by the club that selected them two seasons ago. All four will now be eligible to put themselves up for re-selection later next month, per the NHL draft entry rules (any players selected in the entry draft must be signed within two years of being selected, excluding NCAA prospects and players overseas without European transfer agreements).

The four certainly aren’t the only players who won’t be signed from their draft class. It is surprising, though, to see a team let go of nearly half their draft class from a single season – especially when one of them is a goaltender, since the Stars are running thin on goaltending prospects.

Moran, the goaltender from the 2014 class who won’t get inked by Dallas, is coming off a tough year split between the Niagara Ice Dogs and the Flint Firebirds. He and Alex Peters, the third round pick Dallas is opting not to sign, both spent part of their year (for Peters, the entire year) in Flint, with the struggling OHL franchise mired in controversy – which likely contributed to part of their respective underwhelming performances.

Haydon is a bit of a surprise, as the blue liner is coming off his final year of OHL time with the Niagara Ice Dogs himself, where he put up 17 points in 65 games, while Sanvido – a fellow blue line prospect – will be relinquished despite boasting a 6 foot 5 frame.

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