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Canadiens Accidentally Concuss Baby with Puck Toss

Curtis Comeau/Icon Sportswire

Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban is known for being one of the most charitable players in the NHL, donating millions to the Children’s Hospital in Montreal and giving up his time during the holidays to help children have a magical season.

On Monday, though, his giving spirit ended up backfiring a bit; when the blue liner went to toss a puck into the 17,000 strong stands at the team’s open practice, he accidentally hit a baby in the head.

Baby girl Beatrice was brought to the hospital, where she’s currently under observation with a concussion. Mother Valerie Meloche, though, assured readers via Facebook that everything should be fine. She thanked all those who were quick to help, saying that baby Beatrice is only expected to be in the hospital for another day before she is released.

The team visited the family in the hospital following the incident, and Montreal VP of Communications Donald Beauchamp confirmed via TVA that Subban himself wants the chance to meet the family and personally apologize. Although it sounds like Subban had initially tossed the puck to another fan – who was unable to catch it, resulting in the incident – he still wants the chance to make amends with the family.

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