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Brayden Schenn suspended three games

NHL: SEP 22 Preseason - Rangers at Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers may have seen their season end, but forward Brayden Schenn had a hearing earlier today with the NHL’s Department of Player Safety to discuss his charging of Washington Capitals forward TJ Oshie.

Now, his punishment has been delivered.

The Department of Player Safety confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that Schenn, who saw no on-ice discipline for his game six hit of Oshie during the first round of the 2016 postseason, has now been suspended three games for the incident. These three games will carry over to the start of the 2016-17 season, causing the forward to miss the start of the regular season with the suspension.

Per the league, the suspension was delivered because the hit was considered high, with Oshie bracing himself down low for shoulder to shoulder contact and Schenn opting to lift up and launch into the hit instead (resulting in contact between Schenn and Oshie’s head).

“As the video shows, Alex Ovechkin and Andrew MacDonald were racing for a puck that has been chipped into the Philadelphia zone with Oshie and Schenn pursuing. As MacDonald and Ovechkin battle for the puck, Oshie reaches in in an attempt to pull out the puck.

As Oshie makes contact with the puck, the back-checking Schenn approaches with speed and launches up and into his hit, making significant contact with Oshie’s head.

It is important to note that this is not a case where a player comes off the ice after contact as a result of the force of the hit.”

Although Oshie was able to continue playing in the game, Schenn has been both fined and suspended in the past, making him a repeat offender under the NHL’s Player Safety guidelines. So, despite the lack of injury on the play (and the seemingly lighter severity of the hit in comparison to some of the other hits delivered during the postseason thus far), the history for Schenn likely played a part in the league’s decision to suspend him for the play.



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