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Boston Blades announce prospect camp

The Boston Blades of the CWHL announced their 2016 Prospects Camp location and dates Thursday afternoon.

The camp will take place Sunday, May 22 at Rodman Arena in Walpole, and is open to any players who have graduated from college and are interested in playing for the team.

The Prospects Camp will include skills & scrimmage sessions, as well as a presentation to the prospects about the CWHL draft process and the Blades organization in general. It is an opportunity for future Blades to meet Coach Brian McCloskey, veteran Blades players and future potential teammates.

Head coach Brian McCloskey looks grim during the Blades loss at CWHL Toronto Furies at Boston Blades, Dec. 2015. Mandatory Photo Credit: Kaitlin S. Cimini

“We’re very excited to introduce the first annual prospects camp, which will serve as a way for us to introduce ourselves to recent college graduates and determine who is a good fit for the team,” said General Manager Krista Patronick, who is in her second year of GMing the Boston team.

The camp will be a way to get to know members of the 2016 Blades Draft Class on and off the ice, Patronick said.

“We will get an early chance to see how these players might work in our depth chart, and how they will jive with each other in the locker room,” Patronick said. “It’s important that we begin these interactions and let the players know that if they’re the right fit for the team, we want them to enter the draft, and wear black and gold in the fall.”

Some players have received a special invitation to this camp but it is open to anyone who wishes to register on the CWHL’s website.

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